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Hot water is a necessity to peoples everyday life which you don’t realise until you haven’t got any. At Comtech we under stand this and make it a priority to give same day repair or replacement. If this is not possible we have temporary units which can be fitted until the desired result is achieved, such as electric to solar change overs, new gas connections etc.

We have a close working relationship with all manufacturers and can offer a range of hot water solutions to best suit an individual’s requirement:
                           Rheem                Dux,
                           Saxon                 Vulcan,
                           Quantum             Bosch,
                           Rinnai                 Edwards

We are also a member of Duckys Lifeline, a hot water buying group, which allows us to be very competitive on prices and network our workload if necessary so you the customer, has hot water because that is what is important to us.

  • Domestic hot water services,
  • Electric-to-Electric changeovers,
  • Electric to Solar, Gas or Heat pump conversions,
  • Solar repairs and servicing,
  • Gas repairs, replacements and servicing.

A complete assistance service is available with advice on what type of system best suits your needs, as every household is different. Also assistance with State and Federal rebate forms if you choose a system that qualifies for a rebate

Commercial Hot Water Services
The same services as our domestic apply to our commercial clients, but we also specialise in creating hot water systems capable of high temperature and large recovery rate deliveries, in electric, gas, and solar, for businesses such as Processing plants, food service industries, abbot airs, sporting clubs, hotels and motels. These units can deliver large quantities of hot water at specified temperatures for washing down or just high usage

Boiling water units and under bench systems
Boiling water units are another necessity for our commercial clients in lunchrooms for tea and coffee making. No matter how large or small your staff numbers are there is a unit to suit your requirements. Just ask and we will assist in finding the right one

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